NKT Tankfarm is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen. For us, this means respecting our customers, suppliers and partners and the communities in which we operate. It is also about good governance - how we run our business, the standards that we apply across all our operations, how we manage financial and business risk, as well as how we manage our impact on the environment. NKT Tankfarm also focused on the highest standards of safety. This applies to our employees, contractors, visitors and neighbors. Our awareness and training procedures ensure that all employees treat safety as their most important responsibility. We are fully committed to minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment through both our operational procedures and the use of the most appropriate and effective technology.



   Since the very first days of the Nekst project, has been trying to meet those expectations and contribute to the social and economic development of the region. When considering a project, the NKT Tankfarm is guided by the principle of sustainable development, a combination of efficient operations, protection of the environment and attention to social issues. NKT Tankfarm believes that sustainable development plays a crucial role in the successful realization of the NKT Tankfarm project. Therefore, the company maintains a balance of the business, environmental and social factors in the short-term and long-term perspective to address the interests of all stakeholders i.e. employees, shareholders, government and society.



   Environmental protection is an underlying principle in NKT Tankfarm operations. Our environmental programs and projects are generated pursuant to the requirements of the Russian environmental legislation and international environmental standards. Prevention and containment of oil spills from our storage is an important area of NKT Tankfarm environmental activities. The Company has established an emergency response team, a contractor organization, and equipped it with the equipment required; additional equipment and machinery is purchased on an ongoing basis. In order to train personnel in oil spill containment and recovery methods, we conduct exercises on a regular basis to practice the actions of all services.



   We are genuinely concerned of cultural heritage preservation. For several years our Company has participated in projects for preservation of the traditional culture of the NKT Tankfarm Territory indigenous nations. We try to preserve and develop the Khanty people traditional crafts and publish info materials on the local people’s customs. Our Company supports the children expedition to Sorovskiye Lakes and the Kintus archeological children camp. We gladly sponsor the Golden Tambourine annual international TV program and film festival. The key idea of the venue is preservation of ancestral traditions and spiritual revival as presented by contemporary TV artists in their works,NKT Tankfarm annually supports the Spirit of Fire.