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   NKT Tankfarm  – management welcomes you to our official website. We are an international freight forwarding company established on the 28th of August 2006 with major categories on transportation of petroleum and petrochemical products by road, rail, pipeline, and sea transport with representatives in 20 countries.

We provide our customers with the full range of services related to the transportation of petroleum products. Our company has extensive experience in transportation of heavy and bulky, project cargo. During the long years of work in the transport market, we have been able to gain the reputation of a reliable and responsible partners.

    We also assist making sure that no buyer or seller of Russia oil and gas bypasses taxation, we also make sure on behalf of the Russian government to make sure products sold out of Russia meets our export standard. One of our main responsibilities is to making sure we void oil spillage. We have special team of professionals who are also been hired and chartered by some of our partners in making sure we avoid spillage during refining, transportation etc.

    We also have a strategic consortium ownership access of farm tanks over 15 Million square feet of space throughout Russia which also include major commercial sea port terminals & oil loading terminals of Novorossiysk – Vladivostok – Kozmino – Nakhodka – Vanino.

Being present in the most important business centers in North America, Western and Eastern Europe, and having an extensive network of agents, the company provides international freight transportation over the world: Europe, Asia, China, CIS countries, USA, Canada, and South America.


Pipeline Transportation

Oil & Gas Transportation

Ground & Air Transportation




To be the premier and trusted shipping company in Russia and across the globe.




Customers and long-term partnership

  • We offer integrated solutions customized for the client.

  • We invest in long-term relationships with customers, suppliers and other partners.

  • We grow / evolve with our customers.

  • We use the principle of one-stop shop for customers through our professional management team to work with key customers.

  • We make each employee responsible for the result and provide quality services to all customers.

  • We attract and retain the best professionals.

  • We are actively developing our staff.

  • We provide a positive working environment for our employees.

  • We adhere to the highest standards in business communications.

  • We trust our employees and encourage them to take the initiative:




As a national and international NKT Tankfarm company service provider, we have been devoting to offer perfect, integrated and customized services for large and small companies, as well as government agencies. With our experienced specialists and dedicated service team, every single product in our custody is accounted for and can be delivered in perfect condition whenever requested. 
Our mission is to link world energy producers and traders with Russian refineries by receiving and storing and delivering unsurpassed volumes of crude oil and petroleum derivatives with preeminent reliability, efficiency and customer optionality.Providing the largest portal for energy into Russia federation, The NKTTankfarm will be a market driven, operationally excellent organization so we can grow neck to neck with our allies in the energy storage sector and also in the face of a challenging business climate, excel in the eyes of our customers, and sustain our strategic assets. 
We do better only for that you gain more! We are developing at a fast pace. Being a reputed and reliable storage company, we will keep pursuing world-class service for every customer.




Respect & Trust

  • We honor our commitments and the terms of contracts.

  • We are fully transparent and financially stable company.

  • We follow all relevant standards and occupational safety.

  • We treat all players in the market with dignity and respect.

Core Value

The key competences include knowledge, skills and abilities required of all employees. These competences are used to assess compliance with corporate competencies of employees:

  • customer focus / service

  • teamwork,

  • the development of other,

  • systems thinking,

  • communications,

  • result orientation / business


We are

 We are an international freight forwarding company established on the 28th of August 2006 with major categories on transportation of petroleum and petrochemical products by road, rail, pipeline, and sea transport with representatives in 6 countries.



With the size and good location, The Tankfarm facilities, refineries can conveniently store their inventory at a strategic location, where they are able sell, export and load vessels as needed without transporting the crude oil and refined oil products. With this effective performance, the custody title transfers and transfer of ownership title allow refineries to handle market upsets and emergency situations while maintaining detailed inventory management.


Our Services


-Oil Storage Operations
-Storage Tankfarm
-Auto transportation services
-Bunkering Services
-Pipeline Services





We deliver cargoes by sea and river destinations specified by the shipper.




The extensive rail network, allows our company to deliver the goods quickly and on time.




We offer a full range of transportation services for the transportation of fuels and lubricants. 




The NKT Tankfarm storage facilities and pipeline were specially constructed to accommodate these enormous vessels. Standing in 110 feet of water some 20 miles from land in the Russian Federation, The Kerzhenetskaya Tankfarm facilities at loading terminal can comfortably accommodate tankers calling at the port.



Through years of experience, NKT Tankfarm has become a well known and appreciated provider for professional pipeline transportation and Kerzhenetskaya Tankfarm injection and pumping stations made services to meet our clients wishes and requirements. Our successful pipeline transportation of crude oil,petroleum products, chemicals, and gases in Russian Federation and Netherlands has made us the preferred pipeline transport provider for a wide range of companies.



The NKT Tankfarm owns and operates a large, modern tank facilities in various Russian ports. The Kerzhenetskaya Tankfarm are 100 feet (30 meters) in height and 500 feet (150 meters) in diameter. Each tank holds up to 10,000,000 barrels of crude oil. 55 tanks are currently in service with more tanks under construction (there is room to build additional tanks on adjacent tracts of land).





NKT Tankfarm


The company is certified under ISO 9001: 2008. The stated scope of certification - "Sales of petroleum products in the bunker market." A certificate of compliance with ISO 9001: 2008 confirms the high quality of services provided by the company.


With the transport of oil and other combustibles are always risks associated. On this occasion, a special set of laws to ensure transport safety, it includes:




The best proof of the high level of reliability and expertise we have both the carrier is the willingness of key customers to sign long-term contracts. We are developing a new format of the individual customer, which provides a clear commitment of both sides in the long-term contract.