NKT Tank Farm and Shipping Company has a special services division dealing with marine logistics, and is regarded as a global expert in the field of ship spares provision.

  Chartering and VesselOps effectively manages all post-fixture activities of a commercial operation. It enables operators to keep track of day-to-day operations: arrival, departure, loading, discharging, bunkering, and disbursement accounting. Voyage results are updated in real-time as new information is entered.

  EastFleet has got all grounds covered with its comprehensive freight services, ensuring that your freight requirements are well taken care of.





  “Nekst” performs various types of air cargo. We offer comprehensive solutions in the field of logistics, the best routes and guarantee the safety of goods.

  As professionals in this field, we provide a number of additional services such as customs clearance, certification, insurance and custody.

  We provide freight transportation by any means of transport, depending on the specifics of the goods, including


medical, laboratory, construction, repair, processing, etc.

Fragile goods, precision instruments:

special equipment, lighting and electrical

Perishable goods and pharmaceuticals:

a variety of drugs as well as food, flowers

Spare parts for various purposes

Raw materials and components for the preparation of medical compositions

Goods requiring special conditions of delivery:

For example, maintaining a certain temperature;


  Long distances

  Today, Air cargo enables the delivery of products anywhere in the world. Furthermore, due to the absence or railway traffic highways in some areas air transport is the only way to carry the products.

High speed

Maximum Security and Reliability


​  Road Transport – ideal means the movement of goods in small and medium distances. Reliability, efficiency and safety, value for money and quality – virtues that characterize the trucking today.

“NKT” specialists are ready to offer to its customers:

– Modern fleet
– Thoroughly thought-out logistics scheme
– The most convenient routes for transportation
– The most advantageous conditions of delivery

  We offers a full range of services for the transportation of your goods to the regions of Russia and abroad. We provide freight transportation by any means of transport, depending on the specifics of the goods, including:

Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo:

For example, industrial equipment, machinery, pipes or other “outsized”;

Transport of Dangerous Goods:

  in compliance with all rules and safety requirements, and with the accompaniment of an experienced freight forwarder;

  Transportation of perishable cargo:

  ensuring the necessary conditions for the storage and delivery times.



  With the vehicle can carry the widest range of categories of cargoes: bulk, solid, liquid, and perishables (refrigerated while it is often the only way to uncontested). In addition, the delivery of the goods available in those towns, which no other ways of communicating.

Maximum control and security 
Continuity of the logistics operation
Ability to deliver small batches


  “NKT” carries out delivery of cargoes across Russia. We will deliver your cargo to any destination in Russia, and to do so safely and on time. We have our own multi-functional fleet, designed for loads of different functions and scope – to the customer service small covered wagons or open body trailers, trucks with carrying capacity of 20 tons, loading and mounting hardware. Also on long-distance we deliver via rail and pipe-lines.

To create an effective and low-cost supply chain, we use a network of freight terminals all over the country – more than 79 cities of the Russian Federation. This allows us not to use the services of intermediaries when storing cargo and to provide customers with convenience when selecting shipping methods.


  In addition, when on international traffic, we are ready to deliver your goods to the customs terminal, create for you the whole package of accompanying documentation (export and import declaration, transportation documents TIR, EX 1, CMR, and so on. D.), To make customs clearance, exercise Insurance of transported goods, provide other additional services.

  Our specialists:

  • Offer an optimum route vehicles;

  • Will make all the necessary calculations of the cost of automobile transportation;

  • Will choose the optimal variant of the vehicle;

  • Will provide monitoring of the cargo and its location at all stages of the supply chain (shipment and unloading, following in the path, and so on. D.).



  Shipping from the sender to the recipient address. We provide self-fence the goods from the warehouse (address) Sender, as well as deliver your goods to the warehouse (es) of the recipient. At the agreed time we will make freight forwarders cargo receipt on your stock (the address), draw up the documents and deliver the goods to our warehouse for further transport, and the destination will deliver it to the recipient warehouse (address). You only need to apply. The rest – we will do ourselves.



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