NKT Tank Farm,  In order to maintain a constant level of quality standards and the Company's policy in the field of security management, compliance with the highest international requirements for companies engaged in transportation of petroleum products, as well as to maintain the qualification, competence and professional training of crew members at the proper level, STF has developed and introduced with the effect from 01.01.2015.
​   The procedure of preparation and coordination of The main task of training the crew members is to improve the professional knowledge and acquire sufficient skills to engage in higher-level positions.
A candidate for a higher position must undergo self-training. Self-study promotions crew members.
   To engage in a higher position on the ship company organizes training and knowledge tests in accordance with international and national standards.
is to perform and development programs for individual training for the relevant position.

Executive management team

How Can We Help?

Strategic planning and consultation

Our Project Management team will prepare an analysis of pertinent issues to define costs, schedules, and a transition strategy if required. The result is reduced operating expenses and personnel costs, increased efficiency and productivity, and operational flexibility.

Tenant improvement

For tenant improvements, our Project Manager will be your advocate and advisor, charged with coordinating work letters and related lease provisions, managing construction costs, communicating base building definitions, ensuring schedules and commencement dates are met, and identifying landlord obligations and commitments during design and construction.

Construction management

We will oversee every step of your construction project, including site review, organization and logistics, reporting, design and construction management, change orders, submittal process, project cost management, quality assurance, performance measurement, and billing administration.


Build-to-suit management

We will help you identify goals for the space and then develop all required construction documents and detailed written specifications for all building systems and components. Our team will create and oversee schedules, budgets, and contracting so that your space is built according to plan—on time and within budget.


Move management

Our structured project management methodology of organizing, managing, and coordinating the movement of people, equipment, contents, and furnishings between or within physical facilities ensures minimal disruptions to operations. We assume responsibility for the entire process, from coordinating budgets and schedules and managing change communications, right down to the physical move.


Transaction consulting

By integrating projects into transactions we draw upon all relevant expertise throughout our organization to analyze a real estate opportunity and to deliver a holistic solution that encompasses all characteristics of a client's space occupancy.


Change management

Using our proprietary change management model, we will diagnose challenges, such as employee resistance, and create a customized plan to transition employees through the change process. 


Capital planning and execution

From single projects to global portfolios, capital planning and execution are implemented through a methodology of strategic planning, workplace re-engineering, construction management, and relocation management.


Informed site selection

The early integration of project management into site selection helps qualify potential locations while troubleshooting potential issues before they cause expense or delay.


Going green

C&W is a leader in environmental/sustainable design and property management. Partnership with our clients has resulted in millions of LEED certified squared feet and several buildings registered and in progress globally.